Certification - ServiceTrade Mobile App for Android and Apple

STOP: This course is intended for technicians using the mobile app. If you are an office user of ServiceTrade and have not yet completed the ServiceTrade Office Certification course, please do so before moving on.

Students learn how to use the ServiceTrade mobile and tablet web apps in self-paced online learning courses that can be started, stopped and resumed at any time. Users watch videos and follow along in the application installed on their mobile device or in the web app.

The course explains why each step in the application is important and how it impacts other users in the company — and ultimately your customers.

Each course ends with a pass-fail examination. Students follow along with the course, then take the exam. In the case of a failed exam, the student can review the relevant sections, then retake the exam until they pass.

The course is updated regularly as new features are added to the app, helping existing users keep up to date.

What's included?

1 Quiz
23 Texts
David Varnedoe
David Varnedoe
Customer Support Engineer

About the instructor

David has more than 10 years' experience leading training teams, creating learning materials and facilitating professional training. He joined ServiceTrade to lead the ServiceTrade Certification program. When not working, he enjoys sampling good whisky, riding bikes, playing video games, podcasting and hanging out with his miniature dachshund, Kermit the Dog.


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