Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the PartsManager Office Certification!

    • A Message from the Instructor

    • How to Use This Course

  • 2

    Navigating PartsManager

    • The Login Page

    • Navigating PartsLedger

    • Avatar Profile

    • Managing Data in Tables

  • 3

    Vendors and Inventory

    • The Vendor Page

    • The Items Page

    • Item Details Page

    • Vendor Pricing and Part Numbers

    • The Warehouse Page

    • The Stock Page

  • 4

    Purchase Orders

    • Purchase Orders

    • Creating a Purchase Order

    • The Purchase Order Page

    • Linking Purchase Order Items to ServiceTrade Job Items

    • Partially Receiving Items on a Purchase Order

    • The Receive Shipment Page

    • Shipment Receipts

  • 5

    Let Us Know What You Think

    • Customer Feedback Survey

About the Course

Students learn how to use the PartsLedger desktop web app in self-paced online learning courses that can be started, stopped and resumed at any time. Users watch videos and follow along in the application.

The course explains why each step in the application is important and how it impacts other users in the company — and ultimately your customers.

The course is updated regularly as new features are added to the app, helping existing users keep up to date.


Senior Training and Content Specialist

Derek Torres

Derek is a Training and Content Specialist at ServiceTrade. He does all things "Customer Learning" including Certifications and Help Center material. Outside of making Instructional content he likes Star Trek, Reptiles, and NBA Basketball.