2019 Digital Wrap Conference Crash Course

Did you miss the 2019 Digital Wrap Conference or want a refresher on what you learned? This course uses recordings from DWC19 to help you build a stronger Digital Wrap for your customer service, sales, and marketing.

Customers don’t want to stop their normal operations to call you when something is wrong. And they don’t want to worry if you’re doing what they’re paying you to do. They want the most effortless experience from their first contact with you in the sales process, through when you’re handling their ongoing maintenance and inspections, to when it’s time to renew your contract.

In his presentation, The Effortless Experience, DWC19 keynote speaker Matthew Dixon shared stunning research data: Engaging your customer service team makes a customer 4x more likely to leave you for your competition. Even if you give them an outstanding customer service experience.

Throughout DWC19, presentations and workshops guided listeners in to how to sell their services in a subscription-style contract, make decisions based on data rather than feelings, adopt a customer success philosophy, and engage customers throughout the service cycle to create the effortless experience that everyone wants.

This course contains eight lessons from the 2019 Digital Wrap Conference:

  • The Effortless Experience: Conquering the New Battleground for Customer Loyalty by Matthew Dixon

  • Get Ready for Greedy Growth: Strategies to Build Lasting Competitive Advantage During an Economic Downturn by Billy Marshall

  • Selling the Effortless Experience in Plus, Premium, and Platinum by Anna McMahon

  • Reality Check: Who is Lying to You About Your Business? by Shawn Mims

  • Success, Not Service: The Shift That Creates Effortless Loyalty by James Jordan

  • Making Your Own Luck – Success Principles to Win You More Customers, Who Come Back More Often, and Spend More by Phil M. Jones

  • Stories of Usage and Reward – MIPS Impact Revisited by David Teeter

  • The Future of ServiceTrade by Brian Smithwick

Clicking through to a session will give you a longer summary of what you will learn.  Each session is presented as a video that ranges in length from 30 to 80 minutes. You can watch them all in sequence or go directly to the sessions that interest you most. 

How can we help you grow? If you have any questions after the DWC19 Crash Course, contact your ServiceTrade account manager or our customer success team. We’re here to help.

Learn how to give customers an effortless experience that ensures the stability of your business regardless of the influence of external factors like the economy or competitive pressure.

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