2018 Digital Wrap Conference Crash Course

How can a commercial service contractor earn money for nothing? Making customers feel good about the work you do for them by sharing a complete online story makes it easier for them to confidently say yes to your contract and your recommendations.

DWC18 Keynote Speaker Matt Dixon will introduce The Challenger Sale and explain how the most effective salespeople challenge their customer’s assumptions and reframe the sales conversation to one that is easier to win.

As DWC18 continues, presentations reveal how to use technology to make your customers feel good about working with you, ensuring the future of your company as the millennial generation matures, and measuring your money for nothing results with storytelling and smart technology integrations.

This course contains seven lessons from the 2018 Digital Wrap Conference:

  • Become a Challenger to Take Control of the Customer Conversation by Matthew Dixon

  • Challenging to Win the Information Arms Race by Billy Marshall

  • Good is not good enough. Feel good is the new customer service standard.  by Shawn Mims

  • The Road to Success is Paved With Good Integrations by James Jordan

  • Turn "Millennials" From a Four-letter Word into the Future of Your Company by Anna McMahon

  • The Measure of Your MIPS: How do you know if you're delivering for your customers? by Brian Smithwick

  • The Future of ServiceTrade by Brian Smithwick

Clicking through to a session will give you a longer summary of what you will learn. Each session is presented as a video that ranges in length from 45 to 80 minutes. You can watch them all in sequence or go directly to the sessions that interest you most. 

How can we help you earn money for nothing? If you have any questions after the DWC18 Crash Course, contact your ServiceTrade account manager or our customer success team. We’re here to help.

Learn how to give customers an effortless experience that ensures the stability of your business regardless of the influence of external factors like the economy or competitive pressure.

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